Energy Savings from the Sun

New solar scheme in West Sussex set to achieve major savings for local councils and schools

A new solar power scheme worth £3m will likely help West Sussex County Council and local schools achieve significant energy and money savings, a news report has been able to suggest.

Following a successful pilot in 2015, the local authority’s Environmental & Community Services Select Committee approved an expanded programme to install solar PV systems in up to 52 additional schools in 2017/18.

The scheme, with a potential total capacity of up to 2MW, will see the council fund the installations to be completed by March 2018. The rolling programme will target batches of schools in different areas throughout the county.

The council’s investment will be paid back by feed-in tariff payments, the sale of electricity to schools, and export of surplus generation to the local electricity network.

Following a payback of less than 14 years, the ECSSC expects the council to benefit to the tune of £1.7 million over the 25 year life of the agreement, in spite of cuts to FiT payments enacted in January 2016.

In addition to the new revenue for the council, the power generated by the new solar is expected to be up to a 30% cheaper than grid power. Each school will therefore save an average £1,920 per year, adding up to a total of £2.2 million over the scheme.

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